Oh, we had a lovely weekend of crafting outside the house! We went to three of my favorite local holiday events in the area and racked up some great new projects to do again (and again) at home. I’ll be posting about the projects individually all this week.

This first one was made at the Palo Alto Art Center where they held their annual Holiday open house for kids. The picture is of a bird made by one of Maggie’s friends (the shots I got of M’s bird all came out horribly).

To make the bird:

  • Glue two pom-poms together, one big and one small (body/head)
  • Glue paper beak, and two googly eyes to the small pom-pom
  • Glue feathers to either side of the larger pom-pom for the wings

To make the nest:

  • Wrap one pipe-cleaner into a loose spiral
  • Thread bits of ivy (or leaves, extra pine branches, or whatever greenery you have lying about) in and out of it to make a nice bed

Voila! Just lay your little bird in the nest & you’re done. Very satisfying :-)

I’m thinking Maggie’s little bird will make a nice addition to our Christmas Tree.