(re)capturing the fun & wonder

The kids’ room …a blank slate


I am a huge fan of the Paumes series of books, and this year ordered several more for Christmas (again! sweet joy!). My only disappointment came on hearing that the edition on Children’s rooms in Holland was out of stock, and out of print.

Now that we have a house to "make our own" as it were, I am desperate for design inspiration. I love design shows, and all things creative, but find myself at a complete loss when it comes to actually designing a space.

One thing we are thinking of is having Tomas paint a mural of sorts on the walls, or having vinyl decals made from his drawings. I especially like the bird pictured above from Children’s Rooms "London" — and love the idea of simple, but bold line drawings.

Here are a couple pictures of the kids’ room as it is now — what would you do to bring some punch and character it?