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Artist trading cards

Junior Artist Trading Cards

So, about a month ago we caved and bought a new TV (Euro 2008, if you’re wondering why). One cool thing is we have a high def channel that’s all art all the time … at least when I happen upon it… only problem is we have so many channels I can never find it when I’m looking :-)

One day, we caught the end a program that highlighted Artist Trading Cards. This was a completely new concept to me and the kids, but Maggie immediately glommed onto it. She suggested that we do a family project of trading cards, and each make cards for everyone else in the family. One side has the art, and the other a little note or just the artist’s signature and the date. Unsurprisingly, Bjørn’s note to Maggie was all about how great he is and how dumb and smelly she is.

Maggie has since sent a card to her best friend from babyhood. I’m secretly hoping she keeps it up and her friends reciprocate. How wonderful to have these little mementos?

To make your own, just cut 3"x4" cards out of sturdy card stock (watercolor paper works well, too) and decorate however you want. There are no rules other than to have fun, express yourself, and remember to date and sign your card.