(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Bjørn turns eight!

babybjornIt’s so hard to believe how quickly eight years have passed! As I was giving birth my OB exclaimed a very helpful “Holy Moly, that’s a BIG head!” Pretty much all the encouragement I needed to Get Him Out.

Today he’s an incredibly handsome (have you seen his eyes when he wears green?!) and sensitive kid. Always game to try something new. Currently obsessed with his Nintendo DS, and yes… we still got him two new games even though we’re constantly threatening to take them away because he gets so deeply drawn into those virtual worlds.

He’ll also spend hours walking around the garden with his sister playing the Imagination Game — an invented cross between Pokemon and Dungeons & Dragons where Maggie acts as narrator and Bjørn (and any extra friends who happen to be around) explores an ever changing story.

Happy Birthday my Bjørno. I love you.