(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Je suis Batman!


In ’89-’90 Tomas and I lived in Paris for a short while. We rented my brother’s apartment in the 2eme & lived off of odd jobs and our savings. We drank cheap red wine, ate baguette & rotisserie chicken, read the Herald Tribune, and explored the city on foot. It was lovely, but we found that all the friends we made were foreigners, not Parisians, so after a while when our cash ran out decided to settle back in NYC.

While we were in Paris we went to see Batman the weekend it premiered there. I remember how excited we were to be going to see an American movie (funny, since we hadn’t been in France all that terribly long). We bought our ‘billets’ & a snack and settled in to watch in the darkened theater. It took a nano-second for us to realize the expensive-for-us mistake we’d made. It was in VF — Version Française! What was supposed to be a dark movie turned into a bit of a screwball comedy for us as we giggled through the silly translations & even more absurd voice overs. "I am Batman" became "Je suis Batman" — just say it out loud with gravitas and you’ll fall into the giggles, too.

All this is a long way to segue to Tor’s latest obsession (aside from that t-shirt he’s been wearing for a few weeks now): Super Heros!

He’s finally at the age where he can articulate his desires very clearly (and loudly), and this year has pronounced that he wants to be Batman for Halloween.

After a bit of wrestling with & cussing at my sewing machine (really a matter of me remembering how to fill & insert the bobbin correctly), I was able to construct a basic hat for the costume out of two sheets of black felt that had been intended for a Halloween craft. I used Maggie as my head model as Tor was napping.

Almost batman

Once he woke up I forced him to put the hat on so I could pin it in place, then take it of so I could sew, then try it on again … repeated many times over. The cape is stolen from Bjørn’s Darth Vader costume that he wore a few years back.

The last part of the costume should be arriving in the mail mid-week from Amazon.

The added bonus here, aside from having super-cute 100% cotton PJs added to his wardrobe, is that it’s a two-for-one deal — Tomas and I made a Superman costume for Bjørn when he was two, and all we have left is the cape with the emblem Tomas appliquéd.

Now all I need to do is teach Tor to yell "Je suis Batman!" instead of "I Batman, ROAR!" :-)