(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Bjørn’s comic book creations

Bjorn's comic book

Bjørn takes such pride in the fact that his father is an author and illustrator & positively oozes with it when he tells you about Tomas’ books; so it’s no surprise, really, that he’s taken to writing and illustrating his own.

It’s fun to see the planning he puts into them, the thought he puts into his story lines and character development (or lack of thought, depending on his frame of mind!). It’s also a treat to pick out the influences on his work: the disco floor is lifted directly from his Club Penguin house.

I made a simple word template for Bjørn to use so he doesn’t have to draw in the cells each and every time, and so that I’d have a clean margin to bind his books, but Tomas informed me this is unnecessary since the cells should be different heights & widths. You can tell who the real artists are in the family, eh? :-)