(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Maggie’s Christmas Village

Maggie's House

Maggie, Tor, my Mom and I went on a little shopping spree to MIchael’s yesterday and I was in heaven (except for having to chase Tor around as much as I did). Our local Michael’s just had a massive makeover so it was extra incredible to browse the aisles & discover all sorts of pretty things & to let my imagination run free for a bit.

I loaded up on craft-room necessities like bottles for glitter, silver beads, and some shelving to help gain control over our piles of craft paper. But the BEST purchase by far was this lovely Martha Stewart kit to make your own Christmas Village for $12 & change. It comes with a church, four lovely houses, six trees and a happy snow-man. The house here is JUST like ours & even has the door to the kitchen on the side like ours and the one window above it.

Maggie spent a good two hours building and decorating her village as soon as we got home, and this morning has been busy making people to live in it, including our entire family and Loki, our cat.

This set is so special with Maggie’s embellishments that I know it will get packed away carefully & treasured at Christmas-time for a long, long time to come.