(re)capturing the fun & wonder

A new Christmas favorite!

flight“Mark this one down as a GREAT family Movie! I give it four and a half stars!” — That’s what Maggie exclaimed when everyone was done cheering at the end of the The Flight Before Christmas
. I kid you not. It cracked me up that she knew, too, that I’d blog about it.

We’ve been getting into the holiday spirit withe the classics: Rudolph and Frosty, and have a bunch more in our DVR queue, and to be honest… they’re really feeling dated and I can tell the kids just don’t get as excited as I want them to be. You can’t force this stuff, y’know — though I’ll readily admit to trying in spite of my best intentions.

Thursday night I popped this one into the player with low expectations. Me, Tomas, the kids (who are ten, eight, and three years old), and my mom all settled in for Movie Night. It drew us all in right from the start and we were all enthralled to follow Nico’s quest to find his birth father, who is one of Santa’s famous reindeers who hooked up with the mom one Christmas (a mature theme that none of my kids caught onto). The production quality is incredible & the characters well developed; not that my kids cared about that one bit, what they loved was the adventure, and they got plenty of that. This movie might be a bit scary for more sensitive kids, but mine were happy to snuggle in with the nearest grown-up when the wolves were on-screen.

Tor, who is three, keeps handing me the box & asking to watch it again. I’m thinking once a day is enough, right?