Planting Bjorn's Sweet Cherry Tree

Kids' trees
For the kids’ birthdays last Fall my sister offered them each their very own tree. I can’t tell you how disappointed they were when we didn’t plant right away, and then had to wait all. winter. long. before heading to the nursery.

A couple weeks ago, when it was finally warm enough that we could dig into the earth, we headed out to pick out their trees. They’d been waiting long enough that the olders knew exactly what trees they wanted, having planned & plotted for many months. Tor on the other hand, found the whole process overwhelming, over stimulating, over everything … so Momma picked his tree for him.

It is such a pleasure to see the trees as we come up to the house, knowing that they’ll be here a long time to come (barring any too-rough hurricanes, or atypical-for-our-area tornadoes like we had last summer).

In case you’re wondering, Maggie’s is a Weeping Cherry tree, Bjørn’s is a Sweet Cherry, and Tor’s is a Macoun (pronounced McCowan) Apple tree. We’re all very hopeful that we’ll have delicious fruit to enjoy over the years from the apple & sweet cherrry trees. If not, I’m thinking we’ll have some very happy worms & birds in the area!