(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Learning French and Danish


I have a confession. I feel incredibly guilty that Tomas and I haven’t taught our kids French or Danish. We have so many friends who have done an amazing job of raising multi-ligual kids, and we just have excuse after excuse. My latest theory is that we each spoke our mother tongues with our families, but neither of us ever lived in our home lands.

This summer we spent a whopping five weeks in Europe, most of it in Denmark, but we did have a side trip to my Mom in Brittany (north western region of France, we have our own flag and everything… but that’s another post). Before we left, we went mad posting the names for things all over the house to familiarize the kids with the languages, but Tor (who is soon to be four!) messed with our grand plans by moving our post-its around (fridge became table, chairs turned into walls… you get the picture).

The good news is that we had fun with the language experiment, but what really helped, with Danish at least, was all the friends the kids made while in Denmark. In the beginning their new friends would struggle to communicate in English, which they all learned in school, but as the weeks went on I would hear the new friends teaching Danish to my three. It was awesome.

Are you a multi-ligual family? Any advice on how to re-boot our efforts over here so we don’t lose the progress that was made over the summer? I’d love to hear your tips!