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Paper marionette

Paper Marionette

When my Mom visited from France this past Spring she taught Maggie how to make a marionette out of strips of paper. The basic concept was pretty straight forward, but assembly looked pretty tricky to me (if you are good at beading, this will be easy as pie).

First, you need to make all the main body parts: head, shoulders, upper arms, fore arms, hands, trunk, thighs, shins, feet. Just as you would for paper beads, cut strips of paper for each body part, roll your strip around a toothpick (or thin straw), and glue the end to secure.

Connect your pieces, by cutting a long thread of sturdy string, long enough to account for threading through all the body parts, out through the arms, back through the body, and then one each down the legs.

To finish off your marionette, make a controller by securing two sticks to make an X, tie string from each end to the hands and feet, and a final string to hold the head up from the center of your X.

I know I’m going to have to practice doing this one myself, but I’m sure with a bit of experimentation, I’ll get it right. It’d be fun to make a little family of characters, or maybe re-inact “The lonely goatherd” from The Sound of Music. Now if only I could get that song out of my head!