My summer was so full of good eating, I almost felt like I was living my own private episode of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations. One of the most amazing cooks-we’re-related-to that I was lucky enough to be invited to twice this summer was Tomas’ cousin-by-marriage, Anne. She has the loveliest home, where all the walls are a crisp white, and accented with punches of cheery orange, and mellow wood tones.

For dessert on our second visit, she made this delicious walnut cake and topped it with fresh whipped cream and a raspberry coulis (my mouth is watering just at the memory of it!). Anne was kind enough to share her recipe, and for that (and her hospitality), I say a big Thank You!

Walnut cake:
* 3 whole eggs
* 150 g sugar
* 1 teaspoon vanilla-sugar
* 200 g chopped walnut

* sugar, eggs and valilla are whiped very carefully together. The choped walnuts are added gently. Put the dough into a springform (add a little butter to the springform first). Bake in oven on 175 Celcius in the middle of the opven for 35 minutes. When it is cold, add melted dark chocolate (dripp on).