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When Mom is away

reading to dad

I’m writing from a Bed & Breakfast in Washington, DC today & even though this is a quick business trip, I’m still thinking about my little family an awful lot.

When work takes me away from home I make a point of making sure all the laundry is done & the kitchen as tidy as I can get it (I am not a naturally tidy person), and I write up a list for Tomas of all the things the kids have going on — even though I know he doesn’t really need it.

I think I write the list so I feel like I’m still involved in some little way. This time it was horrifyingly long & detailed for three brief days. All three kids play soccer. Maggie has guitar, chorus, and her sailing club. Bjørn has piano and math club. Luckily (for him?), Tor just has soccer and pre-school.

Usually, I don’t think too much about our schedule since we are two of us to keep things moving and sane, but when I’m away, I feel terrible for Tomas who has it all on his shoulders.

I’d love to hear what you all do when you or your partner are away from home for more than a day. I’m hoping to add a few good tricks to make these trips easier on everyone (and ease this Momma’s guilt a wee bit!).