Weaving wheat

There’s a chill in the air these days, but it’s not so cold the kids can’t still get outside some to explore and bring in their treasures to incorporate in fun projects. I thought I’d sift though our library to find activities inspired by the season.

  1. Make clothes pin dolls
  2. Make smashed flower prints
  3. Decorate pine cones
  4. Create garlands with origami and found objects
  5. Decorate a votive candle-holder to warm up your Fall decor.
  6. Painting with sand and leaves.
  7. Fill a memory box with treasures from outside.
  8. Make Halloween jewels to give away
  9. Make a simple no-sew scarf
  10. Make a paper bag pumpkin
  11. Create 3D wall art with pipe cleaners (for those days where it’s just too blustery to go out).
  12. Build your own airplanes and double-decker busses
  13. Create pine-cone creatures
  14. Make leaf prints
  15. Make a scary pipe cleaner spider
  16. Toys from trash
  17. Make pretend soup
  18. Build a garden teepee
  19. Draw in the garden
  20. Make natural dyes
  21. Start a collection
  22. Create with bits & pieces
  23. Go for a walk in the woods
  24. Weave with wheat
  25. Create corn husk people