(re)capturing the fun & wonder

Did I ever tell you about Iceland?

On our way to Denmark this summer we were so lucky to take a side trip to Iceland for two days. It was our first visit there & we had pretty much no expectations … other than maybe expecting everyone to sound like Björk or Sigur Rós which isn’t all that fair, but we did note that there was a lot of music around to be heard on the streets and in pubs.

Driving from the airport to Reykjavik felt a bit like being on the Mars Rover — the landscape was so other-worldly. Everything around us was dried lava rock and green moss, and appeared to go on forever. The hotel we stayed at was a bus-ride out of town, which didn’t seem like a big deal when we booked it, but next time (and there definitely will be a next time!) we’ll want to be in town to enjoy a bit more music & food.

On day two of our visit we did the Golden Circle tour which a friend had recommended when I told him we only had two days there. We went with Go Travel Iceland, a small operator that we found though another operator who didn’t have room for the five of us on the day we wanted. Odinn was a perfect guide for us — he brought his eight year old daughter to play with the kids, answered every single one of our questions (if you know us at all, I’m sure you can imagine the patience it would take to answer all five of us over a day-long mini-bus ride). He even had Tor (who was 3 1/2) at the time sit up front with him for one leg of our journey and answered every single one of his questions about the bus & how it worked … until the boy fell asleep.

The kids all had a blast, and even introduced Anna to rock painting, this time with volcanic rock, which they used to do all the time when we lived in California.

Click on the album above to see how beautiful it was there. You’ll never ever see water so clear. I can’t wait to go back!