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Advent calendars!


I’ve been searching and searching for an advent calendar. I wanted to make one, and the kids all just want chocolates every day. I think I’ve finally happened upon a great solution so we’ll all be happy, and the project is simple enough that I won’t exhaust myself in the process.

I subscribe to Kids Craft Weekly (I love it and think you should sub, too). It’s a happy newsletter filled with fun projects to do with kids (duh). Anyway… KCW had an advent special today and linked to Whipup’s advent round-up which included the picture above and a link to 3:30, the French blogger who made this awesomely simple-yet-beautiful-and-perfect advent paper cone garland which she, in turn, found here.

I’ll just fill each cone with tree little chocolates. Tada! Job done. And way cheaper and easier than the last time I tried to make an advent calendar

If you’re looking for more Adventy inspiration, head over the The Crafty Crow’s 2009 Advent Calendar Round-Up — I always get such a thrill of joy when they link to me. It’s like a bog ‘ol stamp of approval :-)