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Crafty and creative peeps to follow on Twitter

Twitter birdI finally took a bit of time to explore Twitter’s new lists function recently & I’m hooked. I have about a dozen lists going so far & want to share one here that I hope you’ll help contribute to.

This one is a list of crafty and creative people (mostly bloggers) who inspire me with all sorts of ideas for things to do and share with my family. From food to garden, to recycling toilet paper rolls, they’ve got it all. Here’s a quick round-up of what I’ve got so far, I’ll add here and on my list as I go.

What I especially like about the lists function is that you can add people that you don’t necessarily follow (handy, if your follow has gotten as out of control as I feel mine has). You can also follow other people’s lists which can be a time saver — so long as they don’t delete or hide the list you like.

If you’re looking for me, I’m @veroniquec on twitter. Don’t forget to add your nominees for the list here in the comments!

BloesemKids | irene hoofs | blog

court_russell | Courtney Russell | blog

craft | craft magazine | blog

kidscraftweekly | Kids Craft Weekly | site

makeandtakes | Marie LeBaron | blog

mollyirwin | Molly Irwin | blog

alittlehut | Patricia Zapata | blog

zakkalife | blog

campcreek | Lori Pickert | blog

notmartha | Megan | blog

playfullearning |Mariah Bruehl | blog

meetmeatmikes | pip lincolne | blog

yougrowgirl | You Grow Girl | blog

SparklingInk | blog

mommycoddle |molly balint | blog

Scribbit | Michelle Mitchell | blog

sewmamasew | blog

yvestown | Yvonne Eijkenduijn | blog

weewonderfuls | blog

camillaengman | camilla engman | blog

Loobylu | Claire | blog

_HeatherBailey | Heather Bailey | blog

CraftyCrow | Cassi | blog

GreenHour | Green Hour | blog

candaceapril | Candace | blog

KayePrince | Kaye Prince | blog

SweetPepita | Shannon Delanoy | blog

Sbsterling | blog