{Heh… I probably shouldn’t have called it ugly, since my Mom reads my blog and the lamps were hers ages ago. Sorry, Mom}

Continuing with my quest to make Maggie’s room a prettier and more inviting space, I spray painted her two lamps. The tall one is made of wood, so I spray-painted it white and after a looong search found a white shade that’s still not what I’m looking for, but I haven’t found a large drum shade anywhere nearby, and trust me I’ve been to many, many stores in my quest.

I’m quite pleased with how the second lamp has come along. The base was a shiny faux-gold, which I spray-painted silver. I stripped the old shade & wrapped it with white ribbon, finishing it off with white bias tape around the top, and a pom-pom ribbon along the bottom.

Maggie greeted the latter ith an enthusiastic “O.M.G!” so I think she’s happy.

Here are the in-progress pics:

The original lampshade…

original shade

Wrapping the ribbon (rather painstaking business)…

wrapping ribbon

I attached the pom-pom ribbon and bias tape with my handy-dandy hot glue gun…

attaching pom-poms

and, finally, the tall lamp. Maggie’d also added purple pom-poms to her bookshelf, and I painted the white box on top of it. It currently houses a trio of paperwhite bulbs that should bloom in a few weeks if we’re lucky. Maggie’s room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight.