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Tor’s teepee

Tor's teepee

For Christmas, I made Tor this teepee. For all it’s simplicity it did take a while to get together; time which went faster thanks to a bit of help from my Mom.

Mom, helpingI used five 7 foot wooden dowels, a large drop-cloth, a small bungee cord, and several yards of twill tape.

To make it I secured my dowels in the position I wanted with the cord, then draped the cloth over the whole thing, tucking in the top seam as best I could. The fun part was sitting inside my makeshift teepee and marking the bottom with pen all around where I’d need to cut it.

My mom helped enormously by basting the whole hem of the beast so all I had to do was run my sewing machine though a bit of twill to finish it off.

I’m hoping to convince Tomas to paint something fun and exciting on it as well at some point, but I’m very happy with the result so far. It’s already become a spot to hide with a book and a flashlight or a pile of Bakugan.