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Pokemon obsessed


Bjørn has dumped his treasured Tamagotchis in favor of the eminently more exciting Pokemon. He rents all the movies, is a member of the club, visits the sites, spends all his allowance on new cards, and is thrilled to instruct the uninitiated in the glories of all things Pokemon. He’s even recruited his sister into the brotherhood, and they have started making their own cards. First designing them based on "real" characters, and then branching off to create their own.

I’m not sure what I’ll do when he discovers Dungeons and Dragons, or World of Warcraft…

I do know I’ll be learning quite a bit about magical characters :-)

Cyndaquil Torchic Ekans Cloyster

Poolside tents

Poolside tent
Second only to table-top tents, we love chair-top tents. Today M&B spent a blessedly good bit of time arranging and negotiating their poolside condo. Each section was its own home with special characters (animals, I think) living in each.

When the olders weren’t re-arranging their new homes, they were testing their newfound swim skills against each other. Race after race; breast-stroke, free-style, back-stroke… they tried it all.

Meanwhile Momma sat in the shade and muttered to herself that she would get well again. Soon.

Brain games

Trafffic Jam

The olders love puzzles. Any kind of puzzle will get them going for a good half-hour — just enough time for Mom to take care of whatever needs doing around the house without (much) interruption.

One of their favorite games these days is this one called RUSH HOUR by Think Fun. The game comes with a bunch of plastic cars, a "road" and 40 puzzles for the kids to solve, the objective being to get out of a mythical traffic jam. They love it.

Personally, this sort of thing drives me nuts, so I’ve decided that they must have gotten this trait for problem solving their Dad. I’d much rather deal with "real" problems like how to translate grams to cups so my crepe come out right.

Table-top tent


I’ve been under the weather and miserable today — living with a box of tissues by my side, and dreaming of, well, dreaming. Definitely not the stuff that fun kids’ activities are made of.

So I’ll follow Charlene’s cue and post an easy kid distraction for us poor, tired moms parents who just need a break every now and again.

All you need is a super big sheet, a table and a child’s imagination.

Enjoy your five minutes, I know I will.

The quiet game


After three hours biking through the Baylands, the kids came up with a timely game. Silence: the kid who can keep quiet the longest wins. They are clever, eh? And, having been on foot while they biked the whole time, this Momma certainly needed this game.