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Tor’s memory game

Tor's memory game

shhh! Don’t tell him, but this is one of Tor’s Christmas presents this year. I selected some of my favorite pictures on Flickr from this past year and had a memory game made of them by Moo.com. They are Moo’s basic photo business cards. Nifty, eh?

The only thing I don’t like is that the prints came out a bit too dark for my liking, but my to-do list this week is too full to get a second set re-printed. Next time, I’ll know better.

Regardless, they’re happy cards and I know Tor (who is four now) will be tickled.

Alls I got is this photo


Some days I’m just overwhelmed by how incredibly lucky I am. This photo of Maggie today pretty much sums it all up for me. I’m thinking my real job in life is to make sure that bright light keeps its spark, right?

Mixed media in the garden

Drawing the same flower
I’ve been doing my best to get better about bringing along the kids’ camera when we go on our outings. The only problem we tend to have is that the olders almost always want to take pictures at the same time. This leads to whining, arguments, and general unpleasantness that this mommy wants to keep to a minimum. The other day I decided to be smart about it for once and I had them each bring along a sketch pad and pencil, but I didn’t tell them why.

We then headed for the community gardens where I gave them strict instructions (I even put on my serious face so they knew it was no joke):

  1. They would take turns with the camera and could only take ten pictures per turn. Any shots over quota would be deleted. This ensured that they were extra conscious of what they snapped. [Full disclosure: I never deleted any, but no one noticed]
  2. When choosing objects to capture they were to take light, shadow and color into consideration. I figure we can go into composition another time.
  3. While the one was clicking away, the other was to pick something in the garden that they either had, or planned to photograph, and draw it in their sketch book.

When we got home we transfered the photos to the laptop and I had the
kids compare their sketches to the photograph. If they wanted to they
could then color their drawings in. There were no rules for the coloring.

These are Maggie’s photo and colored sketch:

Maggie's Flower

Slow days of summer

We are slowly settling into the slower pace of summer, and I am doing my best to keep it from getting frenzied. A tough balancing act, I tell you.

Our local library has a great reading program for kids where they each sign up and commit to reading a certain number of books, and at the end of the summer they’ll win prizes. Miss M signed on for fifty books, and B is up for thirty. It’s just a week into it and they are both well on their way to their goals. She with mostly Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, and Norse myths. He with Franklin, Dr Seuss, and anything Pokemon. We’ve been visiting at least twice a week, and I’ve also been letting them pick out movies which is a Big Treat for these guys.

Right next to our main library are the community gardens — they are stunning this summer! Full to bursting with color and wonderful smells. One plot-keeps has even created an outdoor room complete with green and growing "walls" — it’s incredible, though we haven’t dared to enter for fear or trespassing. We’re hopeful to show up one day when they are at "home". Just outside the gardens is a lovely apricot tree that is dripping with fruit this year. Sometimes I have to question myself… am I taking the kids to get books, or am I secretly hoping the apricots will finally be ready for my greedy fingers to pluck?

I sometimes often regret having let our plot go when I was pregnant with the Little Guy, but I know it was that one thing too many that makes everything else suffer.

In addition to our little Library Camp, we’ve been getting to the pool pretty much daily, and I’m organizing weekly get-togethers at local parks and events for everyone and anyone who’d like to join us. I think in my fear of over-scheduling our summer, and my worries about this stupid job hunt, I’ve been over-cautious with my scheduling, but for now it’s working (and I’m afraid to jinx it).

How’s your summer coming along?

A VuVox photo montage

I’m testing VuVox this morning… It was very easy to get started, but I had to (re)start several times because it crashed my poor browser. I think I might have taken a bit too long chosing my templates (and changing my mind, and previewing, and changing ’em again…).

I’m still thinking about how I would use it again… maybe for our photo stories? And I’m definitely looking forward to seeing some of the new features they are working on — like adding sound.

To play with this montage, just click on the post-cards to expand the images, and click again to collapse. If you want the presentation to fill your whole screen (!) just click on the little icon next to the volume control (and, no… there’s no volume to control on this one).