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Just sharing

Flora, originally uploaded by VeroC.

I took these pictures while the kids played H-O-R-S-E (a basketball game) the other day, and I’m thrilled with how well they came out. Of course I had to share :-)

Orange you glad to see me?

Carrots, originally uploaded by VeroC.

My little theme of colorful mouths felt incomplete without the addition of this Fourth of July shot from last summer.

Don’t those carrots look delish?

My Flickr Favorites

What a flippin cool way to look back and see where you’ve been. I was playing around with fd’s flickr toys and made this mosaic of photos I’ve "favorited."

I had to laugh a bit at all the elephants, and my obvious love for vibrant colors. I get a kick out of how playful it all ends up looking.

What do your favorites look like?

Mailbox silliness

We passed this giant mailbox while out for a stroll yesterday afternoon. It was inevitable that someone would wonder aloud if Little T might fit…


and no… we don’t usually have him go for strolls naked. My little guy had found a lovely puddle to romp in at the park.


Young_photographerWhen My Man B and I went to visit George the other day we brought our cameras along to capture the moment.

We took many {many} pictures along the way, but as we neared our home, B had a great idea:

Let’s take pictures of the same thing at exactly the same time!

What a smart boy I have! (he takes after his father)