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Kids’ jobs and chores


My son Bjørn is motivated by money & always has been (he routinely beats us all at Monopoly). This morning he started his day by asking if I would pay him again to rake the leaves under our large Maple. The boy remembered that last year I’d been rather green and over-paid — by a lot. Read more

When Mom is away

reading to dad

I’m writing from a Bed & Breakfast in Washington, DC today & even though this is a quick business trip, I’m still thinking about my little family an awful lot.

When work takes me away from home I make a point of making sure all the laundry is done & the kitchen as tidy as I can get it (I am not a naturally tidy person), and I write up a list for Tomas of all the things the kids have going on — even though I know he doesn’t really need it. Read more

Back-to-school routines

This is what passes for bedtime in our house.

School started up again this week for the kids, and amazingly, did so without too much drama. The night before Day One, we talked to the kids about the new routine over dinner and everyone got to contribute to the planning & final decisions. I have to say (with a huge sigh of relief!) that this schedule looks like it’s going to work for us. Hooray! Read more

Looking up

Partial view from my hammock

This is a little reminder just for me: sometimes you just need a different perspective to catch the unexpected beauty around you.

A couple days ago I was hanging out in the hammock & looked up to spy these bright red blossoms at the
end of this tree's branches. It's like it was
decorated for Christmas in May. I couldn't help but smile.

Next? I heard funny little noises above me. One was a striking blue bird calling to announce the bounty available in the feeder. The other? A very young squirrel, poised directly above my head — I'm not sure which of us was more startled to see the other :-)

My never ending quest to get (/stay) organized


This year just before school started Tomas ordered me a copy of the Mom’s Family Calendar. It was a sweet gesture, but I hate it. Really, I do. It does its job reasonably well, but it is butt ugly.

It’s covered in stupid Boynton cartoons that are great if you are a kid, but they are not for me. They irritate me to no end and are an obnoxious smudge on the start of my lovely creative space. The space that is intended to be filled with beautiful things & thoughts. Read more