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Did I ever tell you about Iceland?

On our way to Denmark this summer we were so lucky to take a side trip to Iceland for two days. It was our first visit there & we had pretty much no expectations … other than maybe expecting everyone to sound like Björk or Sigur Rós which isn’t all that fair, but we did note that there was a lot of music around to be heard on the streets and in pubs. Read more

When Mom is away

reading to dad

I’m writing from a Bed & Breakfast in Washington, DC today & even though this is a quick business trip, I’m still thinking about my little family an awful lot.

When work takes me away from home I make a point of making sure all the laundry is done & the kitchen as tidy as I can get it (I am not a naturally tidy person), and I write up a list for Tomas of all the things the kids have going on — even though I know he doesn’t really need it. Read more

Learning French and Danish


I have a confession. I feel incredibly guilty that Tomas and I haven’t taught our kids French or Danish. We have so many friends who have done an amazing job of raising multi-ligual kids, and we just have excuse after excuse. My latest theory is that we each spoke our mother tongues with our families, but neither of us ever lived in our home lands. Read more

Disneyland photos

Disney mosaic

I thought I’d have energy to do a proper write-up today, but I honestly don’t. Instead, you get to enjoy the massively edited down photo-set. If you click on the image you’ll be taken to my flickr album where you’ll find even more (if you can stand it).

We’re back!


Just taking a quick minute to let folks know we’re back. I have over 300 photos (!!) to sift through before I can post any here (and they’re on an other hard drive…).

I’m looking forward to sharing our adventure in the next few days!