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Over a year ago this little blog was suspended because cruddy spammers hacked into my account and wreaked havoc all over the web. Considering I haven’t written here for four years, you could say the site fell way, way down on my priorities list. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it just yet, but I figure it will be a good place for reminiscing.

{mini interruption to share this tidbit from Maggie: did you know that pedagogy comes from the Latin word for the guys who would walk wealthy Roman boys to school in the morning? Nothing to do with actual education.}

The kids are all older now. I’m older. Our focus has shifted. So much has changed…


Hello again!



Other people’s crafts that I love

It is so exciting to see the good stuff being posted about around the web in preparation for the Holidays. Here are a few of my current faves: Alpha Mom’s Surprise Ball Christmas Ornaments are so wonderful! They remind me of playing hot potato at birthday parties in the seventies (yes… I’m old).
Outi, of white country has designed her own stamped ribbon. Brilliant!
A Foothil Home Companion lays it all out … literally covering a table with craft supplies to let the imagination go where it wants with beautiful results.
I’m kicking myself that I never thought to use magazines to make our Danish star ornaments. I love the ones Melissa of Bridgman Pottery has made.
And look at these amazing gift bows Ali has shared — also recycling magazines.

Our newest advent calendar

Advent calendar

It took a while, but I finally got our newest advent calendar up last night. Unfortunately, Bjørn couldn’t get to sleep so I ended up going to be without wrapping and packing the chocolates I’d bought (small santas, wreaths & present shapes).

While time consuming, this was easy to make. Read more

Nu er det jul igen

Nu er det jul igen

Danish for “Now it is Christmas again” — it isn’t quite, but I found this picture in one of the craft books my sister gave me over the weekend and had to share. We dance like around the tree every Christmas Eve as we sing “Nu er det jul igen” loudly and full of giggles and laughter. My nephew Dylan will be joining us for his first Danish Christmas this year & isn’t sure he’ll make it in time for the 24th so we’ve promissed to recreate the dancing part for him when he does get here. You know I’ll have the camera set up :-)