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52 Boredom busters

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a list keeper. A while ago I put together a list of boredom busters for the kids. My plan was to have it at the ready for those inevitable rainy-day moments when there’s really nothing to do (insert whine). Luckily, the olders are still on their Tintin kick, and have active imaginations, so I haven’t needed to resort to the list these past few weeks.

I’ve considered printing it out & cutting the list into strips, each activity on it’s own piece of paper, but I’m not sure I need to go that extra step just yet (though that might be an activity for them in itself!). Next time they’re bored I’ll send them to pick a task. M & B are 8 and 6 so the list is geared towards stuff they like. Most of the activities do require adult involvement, and a willingness to participate even if your not particularly feeling up to the challenge.

  1. Play ball (soccer, basketball, catch…)
  2. Go for a swim — swim races & games
  3. Go for a bike ride
  4. Skateboarding/scootering
  5. Go fly a kite
  6. Play Bocce
  7. Make a movie
  8. Play a board game
  9. Card Game (M&B are particularly fond of Go Fish & War Uno & Poker)
  10. Family picnic in the living-room
  11. Play with something you haven’t played with in a long time.
  12. Make up a song & record it on the computer
  13. Kids cook the next meal — this includes menu planning, shopping, and prep.
  14. Bake a cake (doesn’t matter if it’s from scratch or mix)
  15. Work on a jigsaw puzzle
  16. Draw a picture that tells a story
  17. Make a toy out of whatever is in the recycling bin
  18. Paint a portrait of someone who inspires you
  19. Draw a picture of someone in your family
  20. Draw a self-portrait
  21. Make an animated flip-book
  22. Paper maché sculpture (I’ve been dreaming of making aper maché fruits & veggies…)
  23. Paper chains using only scraps
  24. Dancing: make up a dance routine & teach it to one other person.
  25. Square dance
  26. Close your eyes, spin three times, draw the first thing you see.
  27. Make a ring
  28. Make beads
  29. Shrinky-dink charms
  30. Make a balcony terrarium (plastic salad box, soil, plantlings)
  31. Plant some mystery seeds or pits
  32. Plan a dream garden
  33. Make a jungle diorama (shoe box, paper, glue)
  34. Make circus paper puppets (paper, Popsicle sticks)
  35. Make a paper flower bouquet (pipe cleaners, colorful tissue paper)
  36. Crochet a coaster
  37. Sew a pillow
  38. Make a doll
  39. Make doll furniture
  40. Write a letter
  41. Write an auto-biography
  42. Write a fictional story
  43. Write a true story
  44. Write a biography
  45. Write a poem
  46. Write a haiku
  47. Make a notebook
  48. Create a photo documentary
  49. Read to each other, or to the baby
  50. Math worksheets ( I like aplusmath.com)
  51. Math games with dice
  52. Handwriting worksheets (if you’ve found a good one online, send me the link)

As we get through the list I’ll add links to projects as appropriate :-)

Go fly a kite!

Go fly a kite!

This winter has be a rough one for us so far. Our house is full of empty tissue boxes, and still-runny noses, empty soup cans (who has the energy to make anything from scratch?), and piles of dirty dishes. Some days we all get so claustrophobic, such mind-numbing cabin fever, that we just need to get out.

These are the days made especially for kite flying. Even when there’s no wind to hoist the kites aloft.

Portraits over time


In Maggie’s art class the children were asked to draw three self portraits. The first is a baby picture. The second as they see themselves in a few years time. The last as they will look when they are old.

After they completed the self portraits they were asked to write a bit about the person in the picture.

I found it so interesting to see what my daughter thought about life at each of these stages. I’ll have to make sure to tell her that you do not have to stop reading when you get old!

Inspiration: Recycled Dollhouse

has a really great tutorial on how to make a dollhouse out of recycled materials.

I made a similar one with my sister some thirty years ago (shhh… I’m in denial that I actually just said that), and I still remember it as a wondrous thing. Full of beautifully framed pictures, upholstered furniture, and lovely wallpaper. I’m pretty sure we’d also figured out nice floor treatments, but my memory is getting a bit foggy.

I’m planning to show this to Miss M later today. I know she will be similarly inspired!


Young_photographerWhen My Man B and I went to visit George the other day we brought our cameras along to capture the moment.

We took many {many} pictures along the way, but as we neared our home, B had a great idea:

Let’s take pictures of the same thing at exactly the same time!

What a smart boy I have! (he takes after his father)